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What is BARRE?


Barre is a complete & total body workout utilizing the ballet barre and/or the chair along with balls, bands, rings, light weights and your own body weight. Classic ballet moves combined with yoga, Pilates, strength and conditioning and stretch for a long lean tightened and toned body.
THIS IS YOUR CLASSIC BARRE CLASS.                                                                                                           


BARRE ON THE BALL - Bring your bal to this fun-filled class, practicing balance while using light weights, bands, etc.  Some mat pilates and yoga movies round out this class nicely as you improve balance and strength.  *Bring your ball   75 m or 65 m                                                                   

BARRE FUSION - More movement on the FLOOR with the emphasis on the BOOTY AND CORE.


BARRE STRENGTH - A weighted barre class utilizing ankle, wrist and hand held "barre-bells" for some serious toning and strength. Get ready to feel this class for DAYS!                                                                                          

BARRE XPRESS - A 45 min condensed class for those short on time.                                                    

MAT PILATES - Classic class utilizing the “magic circle” and other “props” to strengthen the pelvic floor.   


PILOXING BARRE - Our signature class.  A 60 minute sweat fest, utilizing weighted gloves to really pack a PUNCH!  Pilates, Boxing and Barre combinations make this class one you won't soon forget!          

YOGAFIT GENTLE FLOW - A light vinyasa flow along with restorative stretching and comforted postures with a mindful meditative savasana to relax refresh and restore. NAMASTE.

BARRE STEPPIN' - Our brand-new class featuring "The Step"... A great way to add "Cardio" to your already leg-burning barre class. No intricate step moves, just basic on and off the step, to bring your heart rate up, while burning fat & torching calories.  All Levels.

POWER YOGA offers classes in the Power Vinyasa Yogastyle, linking breath and movement. It is a dynamic, flowing practice which cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance. It tones and sculpts the entire body allowing for rapid results.


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